How many grams are in a Delta-8 or HHC Pre Roll?

Typically Delta 8 Pre Rolls are available in 1 gram, 1.5 and 2 gram sizes. At Dharma D8 our pre rolls run at about 1.5 grams as a standard for HHC and Delta-8-THC. We do this because it helps exceed the normal flower weight that people sell so that you get a better value from our premium Delta-8 infused joints. We always align our Delta 8 infusions with Indica dominant hybrid strains that are still compliant from a Delta-9 THC standpoint of .3% or less. For HHC pre roll infusions we align with Sativa dominant strains or hybrids. Delta 8 pre rolls provide an intense body high and are perfect for when you need to relax. With 1.5 grams in ours, you'll be able to slip away into a mini-paradise and experience the euphoric effects.

Grams of the Best Hemp Flower Strains for Pre-rolls

While it's important to know how many grams are in your pre rolls and joints, you still want to be aware of the strains of high-quality delta-8 THC flowers that are being used and what type. At Dharma D8 we use unique and different strains for Delta 8 and unique and different strains for HHC joints.

For Delta-8-THC strains, we have all those including: Bubba Kush, Gorilla Glue, Lifter, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Sour Space Candy,

HHC strains include: Acapulco Gold, Blackberry Diesel, Bubba Kush, Cinnamon Kush, Hawaiian Punch, Maui Wowie, Super Silver Haze, Trainwreck and Wedding Cake.

When deciding on your choice of strain, many customers choose several pre-rolled joint strains to start. Find your favorite strain today by visiting our shop!

No Seeds, No Stems, No Sticks!

There are different ways to use the industrial hemp plant for Hemp-derived Delta-8 Flower in the packing of pre rolls. Sometimes people use shake, trimmings, stems and seeds and other times people use high-quality Delta-8 flower. We have a combination of trimmings and high quality premium flower that are in Indica strains for packing our 1.5 gram joints. You can be assured that we do not include stems or seeds in our Delta-8 THC products and that it is cleaned out, filtered and used for other uses that do not go in smokable flower products in any Dharma D8 products.

Remember if you're comparing costs on pre rolls to check whether you're getting 1g Pre-Rolls, 1.5 gram and 2 gram because that is going to make a big difference in the value you're getting for the price of the pre roll. If you take a scale to weigh your pre rolls just remember that you need to account for the paper and the cone, it might even be best to take a cone from a used pre roll and use it to your scale. Good luck in your hunt for value in Delta-8 pre roll packs, we can promise you that this here with Dharma D8.

Delta-8 THC Legal status is evolving, and HHC is legal nationwide. Hemp flower used for delta-8 smoking, including, delta-8 hemp cigarettes and delta-8 pre-rolled blunts is sourced from US-based industrial hemp farms.