Acapulco Gold Strain

 The Acapulco Gold strain is a dominant hybrid with the genetics of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Jamaican strains. It was created by breeders in California in the 1970s.

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 Acapulco Gold strain hemp

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The Acapulco Gold strain is commonly found in HHC vape products. The strain is a great choice for HHC products.

It has extremely dense buds that are covered in orange hairs that give it the name "gold." The nugs are typically small but pack a large amount of THC for their size. For this reason, users experience an intense instantaneous high paired with an uplifting sativa sensation that lasts several hours.

While the high is very strong, Acapulco Gold is very gentle on the body and provides a relaxed state with no burnout. It's a refreshing strain that can be smoked in the morning or afternoon when you need to get things done, but still want to remain energetic.

The leaves of this plant are quite large in size compared to other strains' leaves and have jagged edges which also makes them noticeably different from others. The thick coating of trichomes gives the green buds its golden tint combined with extremely orange hairs sticking out like bristles on a brush. This is one of those strains an individual would want to admire before smoking it as the visual aspect of Acapulco Gold is enough to make it stand out from any other strain.

It's a very smooth smoke and does not irritate the throat or lungs at all which makes for an enjoyable experience even if it may be a tad bit on the expensive side due to its rarity. Being such a strong strain, Acapulco Gold provides a very powerful high and gives you energy that lasts several hours without ever becoming overwhelming or draining your energy levels. For those who prefer indica, this might not be such a great strain, but it's wonderful for those who enjoy sativas.

Since the high is very strong and long lasting, this is not a good strain to smoke before bed or if you plan on getting anything done during the day as it would be too difficult to concentrate with such an intense cerebral stimulation that makes one think many ideas at once. This cerebral head high may also cause your mind wander which can lead to deep introspection of memories and thoughts best left alone while under the influence of Acapulco Gold.

After smoking Acapulco Gold, users tend to feel uplifted and energetic which make this a great strain to take when you need motivation, perhaps after a stressful period in your life; however too much motivation can be a bad thing as you may find yourself over analyzing situations and feeling stuck not being able to make up your mind about the important decisions you need to make. This strain is also great for those who suffer from depression as it can give you a much needed boost of energy that will allow you the motivation to spend time on activities that typically don't interest you such as house chores, getting some exercise or hanging out with friends.

Since this Acapulco Gold hybrid strain does provide a very strong head high, it's best suited for use during day or early afternoon when there aren't many responsibilities requiring your attention. There have been reports of users feeling stuck in a moment which makes it difficult to enjoy anything aside from smoking more Acapulco Gold.

What strain is Acapulco Gold?

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