Hawaiian Punch Strain

Hawaiian Punch is a hybrid cannabis strain with an unknown parentage. It is thought to have originated in the 1970s, when it was crossed by growers in California, who were reportedly attempting to replicate the flavor of Hawaiian Punch drink mixes.

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This bud has big leaves and relatively few sticks which are usually coated in trichomes. The buds are candied-looking because of their sugar leaves that form into triangles near the bud's calyxes. These sugar leaves often burst at their seams with orange hairs just before harvest time. The huge quantity of crystals on Hawaiian Punch weed makes this strain look amazing when jarred up -- almost like glitter sprinkled onto green foliage.

Smoking is a pleasurable experience. The head high is almost immediate and produces a "whoosh" of uplifting energy that lasts for several hours. This strain can make users feel like they're walking on sunshine, particularly if taken in moderate doses because it doesn't contain much THC. The body buzz comes next and starts to take effect over the duration of the mental high, cushioning smokers against back pains and other bodily aches.

What strain of weed is Hawaiian Punch?

If you've heard of Delta 8 Hawaiian Haze, then you likely have also heard of Hawaiian Punch. The Hawaiian Punch pot strain has become one of the most popular strains in the world due to its tropical citrus flavor undertones. Check out any Hawaiian Punch strain review, and you'll learn why.

Consumers love high THC products, and the Hawaiian Punch strain weed has the THC levels you're likely looking for. The Hawaiian Fruit Punch strain from Dharma comes with a lab report to showcase the product's purity and potency along with the THC level of the product which is scannable on the label and viewable online. This weed strain is an excellent strain with effective THC content.

A marijuana strain Hawaiian Punch turned into a hemp strain? Only at Dharma can you access the strain to experience the true wonders of a strain that stands up to the hype in the cannabis industry. That's why we want to provide all of the Hawaiian Punch strain info for you -- before completing your purchase online. Now, it's your turn to get the first-hand experience of smoking the Hawaiian Punch strain genetics one special puff at a time.


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