Hemp Flower Strains

The hemp plant provides us with hemp bud to harvest and serve the legal cannabis market. The industrial hemp plant is the federally regulated type of industrial hemp which allows us to legally sell all across the nation. There are many different types of strains of hemp flower. From natural strains hemp flower to indica hemp flower strains, we want to ensure you are an educated consumer before you buy a flower product from Dharma.

Top flower strains

With a wide range of strains available to purchase online, we know that the variety of strains can become confusing so that's why we want to showcase the top flower strains available from Dharma. We aim to offer the best hemp flower strains available on the market.

Check out the list hemp flower strains now available:

Acapulco Gold

Blackberry Diesel

Bubba Kush

Cinnamon Kush

Gorilla Glue

Hawaiian Punch


Maui Wowie

Pineapple Express

Sour Diesel

Sour Space Candy

Super Silver Haze


Wedding Cake

Choose Your Favorite Strain

When choosing your favorite strains, you want to be mindful to find something that synergizes with the beneficial effects of intoxicating hemp strains, including:

  • beneficial effects to the endocannabinoid system
  • psychoactive effects
  • uplifting effects
  • relaxing effects

Similar to the cannabis plants, hemp flower buds also provide potent strains. Hemp strains span from offering you energy to relaxing, sedative qualities depending on the strain. Dharma has sourced the most popular strains for your choosing.


THC levels

For those users looking for natural alternatives to Delta-9 THC, you might enjoy our Delta-8 THC and HHC products. To comply with federal guidelines, our products never exceed the limit of .3% Delta-9 THC, as stipulated in the 2018 Farm Bill. This assures you that you will always have a legal THC product in case of being at risk of confiscation by local law enforcement.

By taking a look at the third-party lab tests, you will find hemp flower strain reviews at the product-level for lab test reports that Dharma has paid for to provide full transparency of the contents within our products. When you review the third-party lab, you'll notice that the Delta-9 THC levels are in line with federal rules.

However, since Delta-8 and HHC are so similar molecularly, our products are not recommended if you're seeking to pass drug tests as THC metabolites may still be found in trace amounts.

Manufacturing Methods

Our processing methods follow industry standards. We use natural methods to grow, harvest and extract cannabinoids from our hemp sources located across the country. Being a trusted source in the industry, we check for heavy metals along with a wide range of technical factors which are too complex to go into great detail. The wide variety of products we offer with the finest quality available on the market is due to our attention to detail and dedicated to producing a consistent, quality product each time.

Dharma's Industrial Hemp Flower

The hemp flower from Dharma is legal at the federal level and is offered to you in many different strains. As one of the reliable brands, we know you want potent products when it comes to the vapes and hemp flower for sale. Whether it's the Delta-8 THC Flowers or HHC vape carts, product quality is paramount and drives us each day. We encourage you to experience the difference with Dharma and discover our high-quality products.

Additionally, we offer excellent customer service and can help you anytime by contacting us via email or calling us direct at (770) 738-7227. Let us help guide your hemp products shopping experience so you too can become one of our future customer reviews!