Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a 70% indica strain that has several benefits to those who can acquire it. They include both an energetic and relaxing cerebral high. It also provides an appetite boost along with interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system for health benefits.

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Delta 8 Flower - 3.5 Grams

The Sour Space Candy strain is commonly found with in Delta 8 Flower Buds. The strain is a great choice for when using hemp flower products.

Sour Space Candy hemp may be used for relief. Patients who have the possible access will want to try it out, if they haven't already. Those with a medical card in a legalized state should not hesitate to try this great bud out either. Though relatively new on the market, it spreads fast by word of mouth – you'll hear about it once you do! The yields are good but not extraordinary, being in the medium range. The flowering time is 8 weeks, which is on the long side for most strains. A definite plus of Sour Space Candy is its resistance to pests, including powdery mildew and bugs, though it's susceptible to mold if there are humidity problems.

The flavor offers a nice blend of sweet grape with earthy undertones. As for the look, sour candy lovers will find this strain very appealing! A beautiful shade of bright green hugs orange hairs that glow with sticky resin crystals. There are also visible hints of purple when properly cured, taking on a hue that is often compared to Sour Patch Kids or Sour Skittles candies.

What strain is Sour Space Candy?

The space candy strain that everyone is talking about is the Sour Space Candy Delta 8 pre-rolls due to its increase in popularity. For the first time since prohibition, a sour space candy review worthy experience can be yours without the threat of being in trouble with law enforcement. Since Delta 8 is legal in most states, our pre roll and oils are legal to smoke and use for an intoxicating high in most areas in the nation.

The sour space candy strain has become one of the most popular strains, a lot of people have been asking whether this strain may be coming to Delta-8-THC. The good news is that the sour space candy indica or sativa varieties can now be purchased online.

In case you're not familiar, Delta-9 THC is regulated at the federal level, and only a handful of states have marijuana laws on the books. However, the hemp plant and hemp flower is legal as long as it originates from an industrial hemp farm. Hemp flower buds smell and taste a lot like good cannabis, but did you know that you can also get a hemp strain?

The flavor profile is a lot alike, though there are some minor differences with thedominant terpenes. Thesour candy scent has a lot of benefits, including, a sour flavor profile that some customers prefer. The sour flavor of this strain provides a great high with theCannabinoid Profile. Unlike anon-psychoactive cannabinoid like CBD, Delta-8 Hemp Flower in the form of sour space candy which will get you high. You can review the 3rd Party Lab report and review the cannabinoid levels yourself before completing your purchase.

The brownish hairs on the attractive hemp flower from our Industrial Hemp Farms is all you need to help identify this hemp flower strain. Beautiful hemp flower strains like Sour Space Candy can be used in most states, and taste great. Take a chance and try one yourself!

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