Lifter Strain

Lifter is a strain of cannabis that is famous for its ability to continually give the user an energetic, cerebral high. Its genetics can be traced back to Chemdawg and Mexican Sativa, which gives it the strength mixed with its citrusy aroma.

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Lifter Strain bud

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3.5 Grams Delta 8 Flower

The Lifter strain is commonly found in Delta-8 THC Flower. The strain is a great choice for Delta-8 THC products.

This strain is perfect for anytime of day, including the morning with coffee or an afternoon hike. Lifter does have quite a pungent aroma that comes off as sweet citrus or sour lemons. The smell is hard to miss in small amounts, so hikers might want to take precautions when smoking this outside. If done correctly, one puff of Lifter will leave you uplifted with energy. It has the capability of leaving the user motivated to get things done with its extensive list of medicinal benefits without being too overpowering in terms of psychoactive effects. Let's learn more about what kind of strain is Lifter to the cannabis community.

What is Lifter strain?

With Lifter - a strain flower - it provides uplifting effects similar to smoking good cannabis. If you're familiar with Sour Lifter, Special Sauce hemp (including Special Sauce hemp flower), then you already know the deal: the lifter hemp strain is in a league of its own. Commonly known in industrial hemp from the Lifter CBD Strain, Sour Lifter Strain has matured into it's own phenotype. It has come a long way since its beginnings as a Lifter weed strain.

Lifter strain hemp is a special kind of strain that Dharma offers available for sale online. If you want Lifter strain (more THC hemp flower later), then be check to search for the Lifter strain review that everyone is talking about. The flower from Dharma provides the Lifter strain more THC with the great aftertaste you'd experience with smoking some good weed.

Is Lifter strain legal? Yes, if you live in a Delta-8 friendly state, then you can purchase the strain online.

Heavy Lifter effects strain info is available, and all THC levels and cannabinoid contents are found in the lab reports which are available to view online, too.

Lifter strain Delta 8 from Dharma D8 provides the quality hemp sourced from Industrial Hemp Farms based in the US. The Lifter strain effects, include, uplifting effects, and beneficial health effects by interacting with the body's Endocannabinoid System.

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