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Delta 8 Products

The Delta 8 Sample Pack provides you with the opportunity to try a free Delta 8 sample, and if you live in a prohibitive state, we can provide you with a HHC Sample Pack. No matter where you live in the nation, Dharma is here to serve you the psychoactive cannabinoids.

Industrial Hemp has been making a comeback since following the popularity of CBD oil. Cannabis, with psychoactive properties, is the new trend in the hemp industry. As growers of premium hemp, we wanted to help spear these new psychoactive industrial products for the market, and we're offering new customers the chance to try our products first with a free HHC & Delta 8 samples bundle.

For the first time, psychoactive hemp-derived products can ship to you for free -- just pay shipping. Access a free Delta 8 sample with free shipping for qualifying purchases. Together we're changing the industry for good!


Edibles Samples (Delta-8 + HHC)

Psychoactive hemp-derived products come in many varieties, but the ones we're the most excited about for users are the Delta-8-THC and HHC products. With these edibles, users can try hemp-derived quality products and then decide for yourself which type of psychoactive cannabinoid you like the best.


Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC)

Delta 8 is a form of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which provides psychoactive, euphoric effects for the user. Noted as an euphoric and therapeutic experience, customers flock to Dharma for a close substitute to cannabis. Delta 8 THC comes in many types of products, and can purchased online. For a limited time, you too can enjoy the Delta 8 (free shipping) for qualifying orders over $99. Or alternatively, enjoy our Delta 8 THC for free -- just pay shipping cost at Checkout.


Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)

Compared to Delta 8 THC, Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) provides you with more of an energetic high. HHC provides the euphoria and therapeutic experience just as Delta 8 THC, but doesn't result in the crash down effect like cannabis can sometimes cause. In contrast to Delta 8, HHC is legal nationwide. That means our bundles ship to every state!


Are these samples legal?

Yes, our samples are legal nationwide. According to the 2018 Farm Bill which signed into law by the president, legal hemp is considered industrial hemp (grown in the USA) grown at a legal hemp farm which contains at or below the federal limit of .3% Delta-9 THC. If the Delta-9 THC concentration exceeds that limit (as measured on a dry weight basis), then the hemp is considered against the law.

Delta-9 THC has long been considered the active psychoactive cannabinoid which causes the "high" for cannabis usage. It was only up until recently, that scientists discovered new ways to extract other psychoactive cannabinoids from the hemp plant which can also be harvested and used for products.

According to the law of the land, Delta 9 THC legal status remains at the .3% Delta-9 THC concentration limit. Lawmakers made products explicitly legal as long as the Delta 9 THC level is not exceeded. There is currently not any federal law prohibiting the limit of Delta 8 nor HHC in hemp products.

Though Delta 8 THC is legal at the federal level, there are now many state laws which restrict its usage in certain states. Some state laws conflict with federal laws. Whenever local laws conflict with the federal law, you must proceed with caution in order to avoid confiscation from local law enforcement.

With these concerns in mind, that's why Dharma has provided the perfect offer for new customers. Now, no matter where you live in the country, we can ship product to your doorstep.

For example, if Delta 8 is not legal in your state, then we can ship you an HHC bundle. Hemp can now be received nationwide. No matter where you reside, you'll be on the right side of the law.


Will I pass a drug test?

We know some of you have upcoming drug tests to be mindful of before using. If you have an upcoming drug test, you do want to avoid both types of cannabinoids as it could trigger a positive drug test. Learn more about how long delta 8 stays in your system.


HHC & Delta 8 Starter Kit

With our Delta 8 THC and HHC Bundle, you can get a taste of the pre-rolls and psychoactive caramels which are unique to us.

In most states where Delta 8 is legal, you can get a Delta 8 bundle. This Delta 8 starter kit includes Delta 8 THC gummies, caramels and pre-rolls infused with the psychoactive cannabinoids to help you achieve a state of absolute euphoria.


HHC & Delta 8 Sample Pack

Sending you a Delta 8 bundle to legal Delta 8 states is not a problem. Sending an HHC bundle to non-legal Delta 8 states is not a problem. So what's stopping you from trying our sample pack now?

A Delta 8 Sample Pack provides everything you need to get a great start. Experience the difference with Dharma's Delta 8 Edibles and Delta 8 Flower and Pre-rolls.


Delta 8 sample pack, includes:

Image of Delta 8 THC and HHC Bundle

Can you imagine unpackaging the Delta 8 sample and start enjoying in your own home? Delta 8 THC samples like these aren't available very often -- in fact, we're the first in the market to offer such an incredible bundle offer!


*Delta 8 THC Gummies

You will absolutely love these Delta 8 sample gummies which are 'nanoed' using our nanotechnology (which dramatically improves bioavailability). The Delta 8 THC gummies sample pack includes 5 Delta 8 gummies per pack, which provides you 5 different times to try out a gummy to enjoy euphoria. Our therapeutic Delta 8 THC gummies provide you with the "high" you want.

Each Delta 8 THC gummy sample provides you with 100mg of Delta-8 THC per pack. Take advantage and get your Delta 8 THC gummies trial offer today!


**Delta 8 Flower Sample (Pre-rolled Joint)

The Delta 8 flower sample pack includes a pre-roll made with our quality flower, and ready to light after unpackaging. This pre-rolled joint provides you with the perfect delta 8 flower sample ready to enjoy, and comes in many strains to choose. Order your Delta 8 flower sample pack, and we'll send you a joint today!

Try your Delta 8 THC sample offer, and order your Delta 8 sample pack today -- while supplies last!


HHC Bundle pack, includes:

Image of HHC Bundle

Sample pack of hemp HHC is a treat you won't soon forget. The HHC caramels taste great, and provide the right combo of psychoactive cannabinoids you need to get high and relax. Serving size is also perfect -- start with either 1/2 or 1 whole caramel for best effects.

Get your psychoactive hemp sample pack today, and get the cannabinoids you need -- for a special offer -- just pay shipping!


Get Your HHC / Delta 8 Sample Pack

Whether it's HHC or Delta 8 THC, samples can be shipped to you today. Remember, the free Delta 8 free shipping option is only available when coupled with ordering other products in your cart (exceeding $99), but with so many psychoactive products available, we're sure you'll find something perfect for you and your adult friends to enjoy from here on out.

Dharma Isomers is proud to be the producer of quality psychoactive cannabinoid blends to suit your needs. The industry is constantly evolving, and Dharma wants to be the manufacturer to earn your business. Check out our reviews below and take it to the final step-- order your bundle today!