Super Sour Diesel Delta 8

Atomic bonds of Delta 8 go great with the super sour taste of this diesel strain!


What is Super Sour Diesel?

A cross between Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze strains and provides the user with Delta 8 THC that is a common psychoactive cannabinoid relative to Delta 9 THC.

The hemp plant from cannabis plants are family with some of the most freshest plants on Earth. Super Sour Diesel Delta 8 has a sour aftertaste which comes before the effects from highly concentrated Delta-8 THC. The super diesel is great for daytime use which makes Super Sour Diesel Delta 8 a great daily high.


Delta-8 THC Cannabinoid

The cannabis flower provides a potent high. Common THC known on the streets is actually many THC types at the molecular level. Delta 8 THC along with other common cannabinoids naturally makeup the cannabinoid profile of raw hemp. A powerful cannabinoid native, Delta 8 THC is a type of psychoactive cannabinoid which naturally occurs in much smaller amounts compared to Delta 9 THC and it's typically found in industrial hemp.

Effects of Delta-8

The pungent diesel provides cerebral effects along with fostering creativity. It provides energetic effects along with the taste of diesel along with the entourage effect rich effects. Just be careful of the heart rate risks that come with the experience.

Just be aware of Delta Munchies which will likely come shortly after ingesting.


What strain is Super Sour Diesel?

The super sativa marijuana strain is one of the potent strains in the industry. Super Sour is considered a morning strain and comes with the many benefits unique to this strain.


Sour Diesel vs Super Sour Diesel

With the unique blend of terpenes, there are subtle differences between Sour Diesel and Super Sour. The Sour Diesel Strain, has a much more energetic effect than Super Sour, however, less of a focused effect.

With Super Sour, you may experience more of a lack of appetite than with Sour Diesel. Also Sour Diesel is more likely to result in headaches for some users.


Products Review

When you shop for cannabinoids, you'll run into a variety of potent products with funny terminology. For example, a line of Delta-8 THC options come in many product types and many strains. Unfortunately, Delta 8 isn't legal in every state. You want to make sure to check Delta 8 legal states before making a purchase online in order to remain lawful.

If you happen to live in a state where Delta 8 isn't legal, then you might want to consider other cannabinoid products which provide similar effects such as Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) or Delta 9 THC.

With HHC for sale, you're receiving a hydrogenated form of THC. Hydrogenation is likened to what margarine is to butter, as hydrogenation has long been used in food processing operations. With HHC occurring naturally in the seeds and pollen of industrial hemp, this cannabinoid is lawful in all 50 states.

Additionally, if you live in a state where Delta 8 is illegal, and want to try a different cannabinoid, Delta 9 THC for sale is also an option for you in all 50 states. With Delta 9 THC, you're able to experience the original THC and all it's effects while still being lawful of the 2018 Farm Bill's .3% as measured on a dry weight basis.

Premium Product Options

To better prepare you for the types of products that are available, we'll be covering the different products with this strain for both Delta 8 and similar psychoactive cannabinoids with this unique strain.

Enjoy flower and vape products with the powerful, potent strain!

Flower Products

The industrial hemp flower comes in many strains. To experience the original product type (used for ages), the flower products in this particular strain are simply fantastic.

Hemp Flower Buds

When it comes to flower buds, you have options for this strain. The D8 flower comes in 3.5 gram jars providing you with a supply of 1000 mg of quality Delta 8 THC along with other cannabinoids according to the lab reports. If you live in a state where Delta 8 isn't legal, then you also have a flower bud option. With the HHC flower bud from Dharma, you get 3.5 grams of infused flower with 200 mg of cannabinoids.

Pre-rolled Joints

If you prefer to have your flower rolled up and ready-to-go, we can understand. When it comes to joints, a Delta 8 pre roll can provide you with 1 gram of flower pre-rolled into a cone that offers you 200mg of total cannabinoids per joint. Also premium HHC pre rolls provide you with similar effects and offer a close alternative to not using Delta THCs with this infused flower option.

Vape Cartridge

Instead of talking up the Super Sour Diesel cartridge Delta-8 option we opted for the HHC version because it provides better effects for the user. Vape enthusiasts are more inclined to order THC vape oil for sale online now than they were at any point in history. That's why we want to provide a thorough review so you understand which cannabinoid is preferred among cart categories.

In review of a Super Sour Diesel 510 review vape cartridge (cart), you'll be pleased to know that this psychoactive cannabinoid comes in two forms. One is the traditional HHC vape cart which provides the user with a 1 gram cartridge of premium HHC. Secondly, users can also select the HHC disposable vape option which is handy to have if you want to immediately dispose of the device, depending on your circumstance.

There are other novel carts which may or may not be as fascinating. For example, the Delta 8 wedding cake effects of a wedding cake Delta 8 cart derive from the effects from the Wedding Cake strain.
Frosted lime Delta 8 is also a strain that is becoming more popular but it has yet to be seen whether the effects match-up to similar strains.


Other Products

Beyond the tried-and-true smokable products, more edible products are becoming widely accepted and undergoing experimentation with the use of this strain. Similarly, Super Silver Haze is commonly confused for Super Sour. Additionally, Super Sour Diesel Delta 10 and traditional THCA have their place in people's hearts and we're excited to see the new applications for these types of strain-specific products in the future, too.