Are there Delta 8 edibles

By Dharma D8   |   May 05, 2021

When it comes to cannabis products, we’ve all heard a thing or two about edibles. You’ve probably even tried them. But those have likely been marijuana edibles or edibles with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC). What about hemp edibles, or ones that have delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 or D8 THC)? Do they even exist? People tend not to take Delta 8 as seriously as they should. So, we want to talk to you about what makes it so great, so you won't miss out on something you may really enjoy. To do that, we want to focus on D8 THC edibles and talk about why they are just as worth it as Delta 9 THC edibles.

Are there Delta 8 edibles?

Edibles are defined very broadly. They are any food or drink that has been made with a specified cannabinoid. In this case, we are specifically targeting Delta 8-heavy hemp extract. This is one of the most popular kinds of hemp products out there for a few really good reasons.

One of the main ones is that more and more people are looking for smoke-free alternatives for using cannabis. While smoking and vaping are one of the faster ways to feel effects from any cannabinoid, there are many people who worry about the effects of smoking, or just don’t like it in general. So, then how do they get some D8 THC into their systems? Edibles could be the perfect solution! There’s no inhaling or extra equipment needed (unless you’re making your own edibles). You just pop the edible into your mouth, chew, swallow, and you’re good to go! Plus, edibles are a good way to get the cannabinoids you're looking for with a longer-lasting effect over time. As you digest, the cannabinoids release slower. So, the Delta 8 can keep going for quite some time. However, remember that everyone is built differently. D8 THC may last longer for some people than others. If your friend feels the effects longer than you do, just know that is completely normal.

Another benefit of edibles is that they can help you avoid that strong hemp flavor that is pretty common in most D8 THC products. There are a lot of people who don’t mind and even like this flavor, but there are also plenty who go out of their way to avoid it. Delta 8 edibles are a great way to do that. After all, they are food, so they tend to taste like whatever food they are. At most, they may have a slight hemp flavor. That slight flavor can make all the difference for some people.

One thing about D8 THC edibles that people love is the fact that they are easy to keep track of. Premade edibles will always say on the packet how much Delta 8 is in each serving. That way, you always know how much you’ve taken. When it comes to products like Delta-8 THC joints and oils, they can be a bit harder to keep track of. With edibles, even if you eat only half of the edible, you know that it is half the amount listed on the label.

This does raise an idea that we need to be sure to talk about. D8 THC edibles are going to take longer to start working than any other Delta 8 product out there. This is because the food has to digest before the D8 THC can enter your system. So, when you use a Delta 8 edible, be sure to wait a little while to see how it sits with you. It could take an hour for you to notice any effects, so be patient. It will come along eventually, you just have to let your body do its work. If it’s been a few hours and you still haven’t noticed anything, you can try taking a little bit more. Just don’t jump up the dosage too much! It’s best to follow the dosage recommendations on the packaging.

What do Delta 8 edibles feel like?

If you're familiar with Delta 9 THC edibles, it's pretty likely that a lot (if not all) of this will seem familiar to you. Not only are Delta 9 and D8 THC pretty much the same structurally, but they are very similar when it comes to the products that they are made into. Here is a diagram of Delta 8, and a diagram of Delta 9. The double bonds are in a different location in the compound that gives them their defining difference.

That difference is also why each of these compounds have the effects that they do. More specifically, why they create different feelings of euphoria. You may already know a thing or two about the feeling of euphoria that Delta 9 creates. Well, D8 THC creates a similar one, but with a slight difference. Delta 9 binds with the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with a nice, tight hold. That hold is what creates the feeling of euphoria. Delta 8 binds with the ECS receptors in a similar way, but it’s hold isn’t as tight. So, it creates a feeling of euphoria, but that feeling is a bit different. Some people describe it as more bodily. Others say that they can’t really feel a difference. It depends on each person. The only real way to know who the Delta 8 high will feel for you is by giving some a try.

So, to answer the main question, yes, there are D8 THC edibles! And there are a lot of different kinds of edibles for you to pick from. For example, here at DharmaD8, we have plenty of edibles to pick from, all made with high-quality hemp extract. Check out our line of edibles here! If there are any questions, comments, or concerns that you want to share with us, please do! You can reach us through our contact page on our website, or you can shoot us an email at We would love to hear from you! Read this Delta 8 CBD article if you are interested in learning more.


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