How Delta-8 Is Saving Hemp Farmers

By Dharma D8   |   August 04, 2021

Hemp farmers thought the demand for CBD would be great, but it hasn't made a noticeable impact in the way they expected.


In case you haven’t heard, repurposing industrial hemp for Delta-8 products has been making headlines. It's been a couple of years since hemp farmers thought the demand for CBD would be great, but it hasn't made an impact. Farmers are still trying to find out why and how they can make it work to their advantage.   Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world because of its variety of purposes, including fuel, papermaking and food. It has been found that hemp can also be used through cannabidiols (CBD). This article will show you why there isn't much demand for CBD products right now and what farmers are doing about it.

Relating to our post about farmers questioning a ban, we’ll highlight the most remarkable notes covered about Delta-8 THC from the article by The Fresh Toast:

Hemp Benchmarks reported that after rising 4%in May, the average per-kilogram price for delta-8 THC distillate fell 1% in June to $1,215. 

The Benchmark reported that as of June 2021, the number of square feet registered for indoor or greenhouse hemp production, which is typically for the purpose of producing smokable CBD flower, is up significantly relative to last year.

The Benchmark report documented that smokable CBD Flower has maintained its value in the U.S. hemp wholesale market better than perhaps any other hemp-CBD product.

 When the U.S. legalized hemp in December of 2018, many farmers expected CBD to be a hot commodity but it hasn’t had much momentum since Delta-8 products have been gaining popularity. Delta-8 THC is one type of product that has been making an impact on these growers and consumers alike. The reason for this success can be attributed to its ability to getting you high while also being federally legal. If you are interested in learning more about our products or buying some now, please reach out!


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