Are Delta 8 gummies worth it

By Dharma D8   |   May 10, 2021

Who doesn’t enjoy some good candy? What about if that candy has more to it than just a delicious taste and a kick of sugar? What if that candy can give you a feeling of euphoria? Well, that’s what delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 or D8 THC) gummies have to offer! But there are a lot of people who are skeptical about these candies because they aren’t sure if they are even worth it. After all, why go for Delta 8 when there’s delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC)? If you are also wondering whether Delta 8 gummies are worth all the hype, here are some pretty great reasons to believe what you’ve been hearing. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Are Delta 8 gummies worth it?

There are many different Delta 8 products out there. But why take it in gummy form? Well, beyond the obvious fact that gummies are one of the best types of candies out there, there are a lot of other reasons too. 

Great taste

It’s a fact that most hemp products taste like hemp. This can be a major bummer for people who don’t like the distinct, earthy flavor of hemp. Some people really don’t mind it, but for others, it’s a dealbreaker. D8 THC gummies taste like whatever flavoring is used in them. So, there’s no strong hemp flavor! You might get a slightly earthy taste, but it won’t be anything strong or overpowering. What you’ll get to taste is a nice fruity flavor (or whatever flavor used in the gummy).

Long-lasting effects

Another great thing about gummies is that their effects last longer than any other D8 THC products. With vapes and joints, the Delta 8 enters your system quickly but then dissipates pretty quickly too. This means you have to take hit after hit to keep the effects going. With gummies, you can skip all of that. You can just eat however much of a gummy is enough for you and wait for the effects to hit you. Then the effects can last for five hours! No need to eat anymore!

However, one thing to note is that Delta 8 gummies can take the longest to start working out of all of the products. This is because they need to be digested before they can start working. They have to break down to release D8 THC so that it can enter your bloodstream. So, be sure to wait for a while before you start taking more. That way, you won’t accidentally take more than you meant to. But as mentioned earlier, you’ll need to be patient. It can take over an hour for gummies to digest enough.

Easy dosing

When it comes to making sure you’re taking the right amount of Delta 8 gummies offer another great benefit. They make it easy to control exactly how much D8 THC you take. When it comes to oils and smokables, it’s easy to lose track of how many drops or how many puffs you’ve taken and what that means for your Delta 8 consumption. Gummies are made with the same amount of D8 THC in each individual gummy. That way, you always know exactly how much you’ve taken. Just a close look at the packaging will help you know how much Delta 8 you have in you.

Long shelf life

Another great thing about Delta 8 gummies is how long they last. No, we don’t mean the effects (this time). But gummies have a great shelf life versus other edibles. Baked goods like brownies and cookies become stale as they get older. While that won’t do much to the D8 THC, it still makes them less pleasant to eat. Delta 8 gummies last for ages without any change in consistency or flavor.

Usually vegan

Whether or not you’re vegan or vegetarian, knowing that no animal matter goes into your Delta 8 gummies can be comforting. Who wasn’t at least a little grossed out when they learned that gelatin could be made using hooves? Most D8 THC companies go out of their way to make sure that their gummies are made without any animal byproducts. That way, no matter your dietary restrictions, you can still enjoy some Delta 8 gummies.

So many flavors

Something else that Delta 8 gummies have over just about everything else is the variety. You can find gummies in just about any flavor you can think of. So, no matter what kind of flavor you like, you’ll be able to find a great D8 THC gummy for you! Though, may we recommend ‘green apple’ as the best gummy flavor around?

So, those are some of the big reasons why Delta 8 gummies are worth a try. However, it’s likely you’ll find your own reasons why you love them after you give them a try. Do try DharmaD8 gummies, and don’t forget to share with us your experiences!

What kind of effect should I expect from Delta 8 gummies?

We keep mentioning the effects that Delta 8 gummies could have, but we haven’t really talked about what those effects are. Let’s go over some of the different effects of Delta 8 gummies, starting with one of the most popular ones.

As you probably already know, Delta 9 THC is the most famous for one big thing - causing a feeling of euphoria! It does this by binding with certain receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with a really tight hold. This hold causes that intoxication that we lovingly call a high. This is one of the big appeals of Delta 9 THC for many people. Delta 8, being so similar to Delta 9 THC, also causes a feeling of euphoria, but with a slight difference which comes from the fact that it is built a little bit differently.

If you’re curious, take a look at these diagrams of Delta 9 THC’s structure and Delta 8’s structure. You can see that there is a double bond that is in a slightly different position. So, when D8 THC binds with the ECS receptors, its hold isn’t quite as strong. This leads many people to believe that Delta 8’s feeling of euphoria isn’t as strong as Delta 9 THC’s. But in reality, this isn’t true. The effect is slightly less intense and more bodily, but that doesn’t mean that it’s weaker. So, if you’re looking for a THC that isn’t as intense as Delta 9 THC, D8 THC gummies could be an awesome option.

But there’s more to these gummies than just a feeling of euphoria. There are some great potential benefits associated with Delta 8. For example, there is research that suggests that D8 THC could help with pain and inflammation. This study found that the ECS has a major hand in helping the body regulate its pain and inflammation responses. More specifically, the researchers found that it was the cannabinoid receptor CB1. This is the same receptor that Delta 8 interacts with the most. So, this suggests that D8 THC could have an effect on pain and inflammation. There have also been studies, like this and this, that have actively tested Delta 8 against pain and have found promising results.

Another potential effect associated with D8 THC is helping ease anxiety. This is due to our old pal, the ECS. There is evidence to suggest that the ECS has a hand in regulating anxiety. Yet again, it’s the CB1 receptor that gets particularly involved. So, when Delta 8 interacts with the ECS and CB1, it may be able to help reduce anxiety. 

So, those are just a few examples of what kinds of effects D8 THC gummies could have. When it really comes down to an individual, everyone’s body chemistry is different. So, the effects that Delta 8 gummies could have on you may not be what they have on your friend. 

Are Delta 8 gummies even legal?

This is one of the most asked questions. Moreover, since D8 THC is found in cannabis, it’s pretty common for people to think that it’s illegal. However, they would be wrong. There are two different kinds of cannabis; they are hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is the more popular of the two, and it is federally illegal (though there are a lot of states that have legalized it in one form or another). Hemp is a bit of a special case. Back in 2018, the latest version of the Farm Bill was passed. This bill helps control what farmers can grow and sell (among many other things). That version of the bill federally legalized hemp and, as a result, all of the cannabinoids in it. So, Delta 8 products made from hemp (which is most Delta 8 products) are federally legal.

It’s best to remember that this isn’t a guarantee that it’s legal in your state. Each state has its own laws regarding hemp, despite the federal legal status. As a result, there are a few states that either has not legalized hemp or have actively made sure that D8 THC isn’t legal. Because of laws in certain states, we at DharmaD8 don’t ship to Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowas, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, or Utah. So, make sure that you do some research before you buy any Delta 8 products to be certain that products can be shipped to you.

How do I find high-quality Delta 8 gummies?

It took a little while for the legal status to become clear, but hemp companies are now starting to feel comfortable selling Delta 8 products. One of the main products to pop up fast is gummies. And why not? With all of the reasons listed above, it seems pretty clear. 

But with so many to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re buying some Delta 8 gummies that are, in fact, worth it? To help you out, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks on picking a good hemp company to buy from (like DharmaD8).

The biggest thing to look for in any hemp company is transparency and clarity. All Delta 8 companies should be open about their extracting and processing methods. That way, you know what is going into your gummies. This also shows that such companies feel nothing but pride in their methods.

Any place that you buy Delta 8 gummies from should also be open about their product testing. All D8 THC products need to be tested for purity and cannabinoid content. These test results should be readily available on the company’s website. For example, on the DharmaD8 site, on each product page, we have information about our testing. That way, you always know what you’re getting from our products.

After you consider the information available on a D8 THC website, the next thing you need to consider is the price of the Delta 8 gummies. Since D8 THC is still fairly new to the mainstream, the market is kind of fluctuating. So, price isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality. You should also be wary of any Delta 8 gummy with prices that seem too good to be true. This raises a red flag and could be a sign of poor quality. 

So, what do you think? Are D8 THC gummies worth it? Well, we certainly think so! They taste great, last a while both in your system and on your shelf, are easy to use, and give you all the good and fun of Delta 8! If you’re ready to give some D8 THC gummies a try, check out what we have here at DharmaD8. We have all kinds of Delta 8 products, including green apple D8 THC gummies. You can check out our shop page here. And if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. You’ll then be able to reach out to a member of the DharmaD8 team who’ll assist you with whatever queries you might have. We would love to hear from you and help you out with your questions! If you're still curious, then check out this article about Delta 8 CBD.


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