Will D8 THC get me high?

By Dharma D8   |   May 06, 2021

Trends come, and trends go, but we're here for you to catch this new wave surrounding Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (D8 THC). Despite all of the excitement surrounding it, there is still some confusion about what it is and how it works. D8 THC has got some fantastic qualities, so let's talk about what D8 THC is and, more importantly, in the opinion of some, can it create a high?

What is Delta 8 THC?

We should, of course, start with the most fundamental part of all of this, defining D8 THC.

You may be more familiar with its more famous big brother Δ9 THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). A considerable number of studies have been placed on the shoulders of this specific cannabinoid. It's qualities and attributes. This article, published in 2017, explores an extensive array of potential therapeutic applications. For example, a 2016 survey in Michigan found a 64% decrease in opioid use regarding chronic pain as patients began opting for medical marijuana instead.

But back to basics on cannabis in general. There are a group of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are pretty unique because they can interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a series of receptors that control things like appetite, memory, and mood. D8 THC is one of the many cannabinoids available.

Clearly, the names of Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC (D9 THC) are similar. So it's probably not surprising to hear that they have a lot in common. Take a look at these two chemical structure depictions. Here is Delta 8, and here is Delta 9.

Delta-8-THC is a tricyclic terpenoid. Although it has the same chemical formula as Delta-9-THC, one of its carbon-carbon Double bonds is located in a different position. That's a lot of jargon to say... yep, pretty much the same, but a couple of pieces are different.

Their main difference is in how they are structured. Their structures are almost the same, but there is one small distinction that is enough to make it possible to differentiate between the two of them.

Another significant contrast between these two cannabinoids is their legality. D8 THC and D9 THC are found in all cannabis plants. But the cannabis variation, hemp, is the only one that is federally legal. This is because of the 2018 Farm Bill. It federally legalized the hemp plant. While D9 THC is found in hemp, it is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, so that portion is still federally illegal-- if it is derived from marijuana. However, D8 THC hasn't been classified as a Schedule 1 drug, so it is technically legal. It's taken a few years for hemp vendors to test the waters to see how it interacts with the market. So far, things are looking pretty great!

Now that we’ve talked a bit about what D8 THC is, let’s talk about what kind of feeling you’ll get from D8 THC.

Can D8 THC get me high?

To put it simply, yes, D8 THC can cause a feeling of euphoria. These feelings differ from person to person. Generally, some have described experiences as causing increased body awareness, enhancement of colors or contrast, relaxation, dreamy & introspective states.

If you’re looking for a more personal account of what Delta 8 can be like, you can learn about Leafly’s Dante Jordan’s experience. Jordan could be considered a bit of an expert on all things D9 THC. He himself says that he uses it daily. So, he’s pretty familiar with how it feels. When trying D8 THC, Jordan says that he didn’t expect to feel much of anything. However, after the Delta 8 gummies he tried had time to set in, he reported feeling a bit of a “head and body buzz.” Soon after, Jordan felt a clear headed high that helped him bust through some writer’s block that had been getting in his way for a while. This is just one person’s experience. Whether or not this will be your experience we can’t say. After all, all cannabinoids, including D8 THC affect everyone a little bit differently. The only way to know how it will affect you is by giving some a try yourself.

This is all well and fine, but it does still leave some questions unanswered. Like, how exactly does D8 (or D9 for that matter) even create these effects? Why are they psychoactive? Let’s talk about it.

D8 THC and D9 THC interact with the ECS (also known as the Endocannabinoid System) in similar ways.  D9 THC binds with the receptors tightly. This is what causes those psychoactive effects that we lovingly call a high. D8 THC binds to the receptors like D9 THC, but unlike D9 THC, its bind is a bit looser. This means that it creates a slightly different high than D9 THC. Some people describe it as more natural. Of course, some of this intensity is dependent upon how much you test on yourself, so go slow and find the sweet spot.

As you learn all about the amazing potential of D8 THC, it's good to remember that it will show up on a drug test if that test is looking for any form of THC. These tests are pretty broad; they’re not going to be able to differentiate between D9 THC and D8 THC. All it will know is that there is THC of some kind in your system. So, good to bear this in mind.

In conclusion, will D8 THC get you high? Yes, but it's going to be slightly a bit different in intensity and a bit more bodily based than the effect that you would normally expect from D9. If you're looking to try something a little bit out of the norm, why not give some D8 THC or Delta 8 CBD a try? Who knows? It may be the perfect cannabis product for you. If you're ready, check out our products here at DharmaD8. We have a diverse line of products so that anyone can find the right product for them.


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