Different kinds of Delta 8 products

By Dharma D8   |   May 10, 2021

Let’s be honest; no one likes being limited in their options. That’s why you can find the same product in different varieties. Be it a shirt or a car, the same store will have multiple colors or models to choose from. The bottomline is, we all love to be spoiled for choice. No wonder, the same is the case with delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 or D8 THC) products, and perhaps that is the reason there are so many different Delta 8 products available today.

If you’re interested in giving some Delta 8 a try, you should first learn a thing or two about it and the different products it comes in. We, at DharmaD8, are big believers in education and are glad to provide you with this information absolutely free! Together we’ll talk about different D8 THC products, what to look for in a quality product, how these products may affect you, how much of a product you should use, and whether or not the product is legal. It’s a lot to cover, so are you ready to dive in?

Different Delta 8 products

There are so many different Delta 8 THC products out there that it may get intimidating at first. So, let’s break down the products into some basic categories. That way, it’ll narrow your choices and make it easier for you to find the right product as per your needs. Let’s get started!

Smokes and vapes

Let’s start with the more common Delta 8 product, smokeable products like blunts and vapes. Smokeables are usually considered the more classic option. There are a lot of reasons why people love these products. The most prominent one is the fact that you get the D8 THC effect much more quickly with smokeables than with any other product. But the downside of smokables is that the Delta 8 effect doesn’t last quite as long as they do with other products. Plus, it should be noted that any inhalation product could be dangerous for your lungs.


Edibles are probably the most popular option for Delta 8 products. As you likely already know, edible Delta 8 products are basically any food or drink made using D8 THC as one of the main ingredients. Edibles are usually candies like gummies or chocolate, but they can be just about any kind of food or drink. Some Delta 8 companies make items like popcorn and sparkling water as their D8 THC products. 

People love edibles because they taste great, usually tasting like whatever snack they are, instead of having that strong hemp flavor. Plus, they make it easy to keep track of how much Delta 8 you’ve taken. Each serving of an edible has the same amount of D8 THC in it, so you always know how much you’ve used. But be warned. Edibles can take quite some time to start working. The food or drink needs some time to break down before it can release the Delta 8 into your system. You need to be patient and wait at least an hour before you take any more to make sure that you don’t take too much.


When it comes to all things cannabis, oils are probably one of the most traditional options. And Delta 8 is no exception. These oils are very basic, just D8 THC and a carrier oil. Sometimes other essential oils are added for one reason or another, but for the most part, it’s just Delta 8. This simplicity is what draws so many people towards it. Plus, there are several different ways that you can use oils, right from taking them directly to using them in cooking for making your own edibles. Really, there isn’t a wrong way to take them.

These are the main categories of D8 THC products for you to choose from. Each category has a bunch of different kinds of products. So, it’s likely that no matter what category you’re looking at, you’ll surely end up finding something for yourself!

What should I look for in Delta 8 products?

Now that we’ve covered the different kinds of Delta 8 products out there, let’s take a look at what makes a good D8 THC product. After all, the Delta 8 industry is still very new. So, the tips and tricks to finding high-quality products aren’t as out there as they would be with an older industry.

When it comes to looking for the best D8 THC products, you need to be willing to do a little bit of research. Nothing too major, but you need to become familiar with the company (or companies) that you’re interested in. This means exploring their websites. One of the first things to look for is whether or not they have testing information. It’s important for Delta 8 products to be tested for content and quality before they are put up for sale. The test results should be available for you to easily access on their website. For example, here at DharmaD8, we put the testing information on each product page. That way you can feel nice and confident about what you’re buying.

Another thing to look at is reviews. Reviews exist for a reason. These reviews are a good way to gauge whether or not a product is worth it based on the experiences of others. So, read whatever reviews you can find, both of the company and product that you’re interested in. But be sure to take into account that some Delta 8 manufacturers might take down negative reviews from their site. So, if there are only positive reviews, this can be a red flag. There might be a possibility that the reviews are fabricated or biased. In such cases, you may want to see if there’s any information available on third-party websites.

One last thing that you should keep an eye on with D8 THC products is the price. Like we mentioned before, the Delta 8 industry is still relatively young. As a result, the prices can jump a lot among different manufacturers. Some people will charge an arm and a leg because they feel like they can. It isn’t really an indication of how good their products are. On the other hand, other manufacturers will charge practically nothing. This is something that you should be wary of. It could be a sign that their products aren’t tested properly or are made from low-quality hemp and other ingredients. Then you’ll find companies like DharmaD8, that provide high-quality D8 THC products at reasonable prices!

Will Delta 8 products get me high?

While Delta 8 has received all kinds of attention lately, there is one compound that is very similar to D8 THC, which we need to talk about to answer this question. That compound is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC). 

It may not sound super familiar at first, but that’s because it is normally just called THC. But we’re going to call it Delta 9 THC because D8 THC comes from the same base with slight differences. Because of the way that Delta 9 THC is built, it binds with the receptors in something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) really tightly. This causes the psychoactive feeling of euphoria that has made cannabis so famous. This feeling is because of the effect ECS has on different functions and reactions in your body.

Delta 8 is built in just about the same way as Delta 9 THC, but it has one small difference in the way it is structured. The bind that D8 THC has on the ECS receptors isn’t quite as tight. It still causes a feeling of euphoria, but this feeling isn’t quite as intense as in the case of Delta 9 THC and is a bit more bodily. Some people even find that they become more productive when they use Delta 8. However, the D8 THC high is going to be different for everyone. So, it’s hard to say how exactly it would affect you.

How much of a Delta 8 product is enough?

Well, this can be quite tricky to answer. Like we mentioned before, everyone is built a little bit differently. So, everyone will need a slightly different amount of Delta 8 to feel the euphoria that they are looking for. So, how do you find the right amount for you?

The best way to start is by using a low amount of D8 THC at first. If you’re an old hand at THC, you may want to start with a higher amount. That’s fine because you likely know your limits already. But if you are new to the world of hemp and THC, it’s best to start low and slow. Look at the packaging of the product that you’re using and check out what it says about serving and dosing sizes. Generally, you’re good to follow that advice, but if you want to go a bit lower, you can.

After you give some a try, wait a little while. Like we talked about a bit above, different products take different amounts of time to start working. So, if you take a hit of a blunt and don’t feel anything after a few minutes, you can go ahead and take another. If you’ve eaten a Delta 8 gummy and aren’t feeling any effects right away, that’s okay. It may take up to an hour for you to feel any effects from an edible. If you’ve eaten a gummy and it’s been an hour with no effects, then you can try taking a bit more. You’ll need to be patient. This whole process will take some time. After a while, you’ll pick up on how much Delta 8 is enough for you, but at first, it may be a bit of a guessing game.

The main thing is that you don’t want to take too much. While there hasn’t been much research that indicates taking too much is damaging, many people have reported that taking too much left them feeling paranoid. So, if you want to avoid a freak-out, you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking the right amount of D8 THC.

Are Delta 8 products legal?

There tends to be some confusion when it comes to the legality of Delta 8 since it comes from cannabis. But there is not as much to worry about in that area. 

Most D8 THC products are made with the industrial hemp variation of cannabis. In 2018, hemp was made federally legal by the latest version of the Farm Bill. This is a bill that federally controls all agricultural things in the United States, including what farmers can grow and sell. Every five years, this bill is reviewed and updated. In 2018, it was time for the bill to be reviewed and an amendment was added legalizing industrial hemp on the federal level.

When hemp was federally legalized, so were all of the cannabinoids found in it, including Delta 8. This means that as long as a D8 THC product is made from hemp and not marijuana, it is federally legal. But you should remember that this isn’t a guarantee that it’s legal in every state. There are a few states that have either kept hemp illegal or have made sure that D8 THC is illegal. For example, we at DharmaD8 won’t ship to Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowas, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, or Utah because of laws they have regarding hemp and/or Delta 8. So, it’s important that you research what your state’s laws are on cannabis before you try buying any D8 THC products.

So, there you have it! You now know all about the main categories of D8 THC products, what kind of effect you can expect from them, and their legal status. The next step is deciding which category is right for you so that you can find your perfect Delta 8 product. If you’re ready to start shopping, why not start here? At DharmaD8, we carry a wide range of products for you to choose from. All of our products are made with high-quality, thoroughly tested hemp, and there’s something for just about anyone! Check out our shop page here and check out this article about Delta 8 CBD! And if you have comments, questions, or concerns, please reach out to us through our contact page. We would love to hear from you!


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