Delta 8: the hemp rebel

By Dharma D8   |   April 22, 2021

Delta 8: the hemp rebel

It seems like hemp has made its way into every product out there. From lotions to snacks, you can find anything you want with hemp extract. most people think that the only reason why hemp has become so popular is due to the fact that hemp has a lot of cannabidiol (CBD). While CBD can be great, there is much more to hemp than you may first realize. In fact, hemp has a handy little compound called delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta8-THC). Maybe you've heard of this compound. It is considered a bit of a rebel within the hemp community because it goes against certain plant preconceptions. Let’s talk about it and what it could do for you.

What makes Delta8-THC stand out

Before we can completely dive into what Delta8-THC can do for you, we need to talk about the core basics of what it is.

As we talked about a bit above, Delta8-THC is found in hemp alongside CBD. These are both chemical compounds that are called cannabinoids. These are the compounds that make hemp and other cannabis plants what they are. They interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This is a group of receptors that helps the body control functions like appetite and memory. Because they can interact with ECS receptors, cannabinoids are able to cause an effect on people. But what kind of effect does Delta8-THC have?

You are probably already familiar with what is considered "regular" THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC). This is the THC that is commonly found and associated with marijuana. This compound is well-known for creating the euphoric feeling that so many people have come to enjoy. It does this by binding tightly with the receptors in your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). That causes the psychoactive effect that is so often associated with cannabis, also known as "getting high." Delta8-THC is very similar to Delta 9 THC. However, there is just one small difference in the chemical make-up of the two cannabinoids. Other than that, they are virtually the same. This difference in structure also makes a difference in its effect. Like Delta 9 THC, Delta8-THC also causes a feeling of euphoria. The only difference is that the binding doesn't hold as tight as Delta 9 THC. It's binding with the ECS receptors is more gentle. This leads to the effect feeling slightly more subdued and peaceful. That means that it could potentially be a better choice for those of us who have given Delta 9 THC a shot and found that it was a bit too much. 

Another thing that is good to remember about Delta8-THC is that it is federally legal. However, there is some specificity in Delta 8 from State to State. In all reality, the legal status of Delta8-THC isn't talked about extensively. Because the hemp plant is federally legal in the United States as of 2018, it's caused a bit of a divide between the Federal level and states. In 2018, the most recent version of the Farm Bill was passed with an amendment that federally legalized hemp and products made from hemp. This is why you’ve probably seen CBD products everywhere. It is also why Delta8-THC is technically legal. This does vary pretty widely from state to state. So, it is good to study up on your state’s laws on hemp to get a better idea of whether or not Delta8-THC is a fit for you where you live.

What can Delta8-THC do?

We’ve already talked a bit about what kind of effect Delta8-THC might be able to do. That is, it can cause a slightly softer version of the feeling of euphoria you get from Delta 9 THC. But that's not all it can do. There are some really incredible studies out there that have focused on what kind of benefits Delta8-THC may be able to provide. Let’s look at some of those together.

Help with anxiety

Let’s start with one of the more interesting ideas; Delta8-THC could help ease anxiety. This could sound kind of ridiculous if you've ever tried Delta 9 THC and experienced a prolonged period of paranoia, but it's not as bizarre as you may think. Delta8-THC tends to interact with a specific ECS receptor called CB1. That receptor is known for having an effect on anxiety. This means that Delta8-THC could have an effect on anxiety! It’s also not too odd when you consider the fact that Delta8-THC has a softer, more peaceful effect than Delta 9 THC. Meaning that while it's not impossible for it to cause you to freak out, it is much less likely with Delta8-THC than it is with Delta 9 THC.

Easing pain and inflammation

This is an idea that you’re probably a little familiar with already. Delta 9 THC is already well-known for having pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects. But if Delta8-THC is a slightly different interaction, how much could it help with stuff like that? It’s likely that Delta8-THC could possibly help with bodily discomfort a fair amount. One study found that the cannabinoid was able to help reduce inflammation and pain in the cornea of mice. This study is just one of many that all suggest that Delta8-THC could be very helpful in dealing with both pain and inflammation.

So, Delta8-THC is a bit of a rebel when it comes to hemp. This is because it is able to create a feeling of euphoria that places you more likely to set you at ease easily. It is also legal in most states, even though it is a THC variation. When you consider these things alongside the research that has been done, suggesting that Delta8-THC could help many people with a lot of stuff, it's not all that surprising that people have been going kind of nuts for Delta8-THC. So, why not give some a try today? Here at Dharma D8, we have a wide range of Delta8-THC products to pick from. They range from the super simple (a whole hemp flower for you to use as you see fit) to the more complex (Delta8-THC caramels for those of us who like to have a sweet treat every now and then). We even have vapes and cigarettes so that you can get the effects from your Delta8-THC faster. You’ll be able to find one you like no problem! Read more about Delta 8 CBD and see if it's right for you!



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