A beginner's guide to D8 THC

By Dharma D8   |   April 22, 2021

A beginner's guide to D8 THC

At this point, it probably feels like all corners of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) have been scoured. And sure, there is medical research to discover. But for the everyday wellness person, we know all there is for us to know about it. 

At least, that’s probably how it felt until 2018, after the latest version of the Farm Bill was passed. In case you weren’t already aware, that version of the bill federally legalized hemp. Hemp is a variation of cannabis known for having a lot of cannabidiol (CBD). It also has something called D8 THC. But what is D8 THC and what makes it so unique?

What is D8 THC?

To start with, let’s go over some definitions.

D8 THC is shorthand for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. If you’re thinking that that name is awfully similar to what regular THC is short for, you're right. This is because D8 THC & D9 THC carry a slight difference in its chemical make-up.  One of the significant differences between D8 THC and regular THC is that D8 THC is more commonly found in hemp. D9 THC is found in marijuana.

That difference is actually a massive deal in the cannabis community. As we talked about a bit earlier, hemp is federally legal in the United States. There are, of course, some exceptions, but it is legal in most states. That means that products made from hemp are also federally legal. That’s why CBD products have become so popular in the last few years. It’s also why you have probably started to hear a lot about D8 THC.

But this does raise a few good questions, like what makes everyone so excited about D8 THC? Does it even have the same effects as regular THC?

Can I use it to get high?

And by “does D8 THC have the same effects as regular THC?” we know you mean; does it get you high?

The short answer is, yes, but in a very different way than traditional D9 THC! The long answer is, D8 THC can be psychoactive, like regular THC. However, it's effects are described as being more subtle than regular THC. D9 THC, D8 THC, and CBD are all known as cannabinoids. These are chemical compounds that make cannabis and industrial hemp what it is. They are able to interact with something known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). 

The ECS is a system with a group of receptors that are scattered throughout the human body. They are there to help the body control certain functions (memory, mood, appetite, etc.). Most cannabinoids, like CBD, only stimulate these receptors. They don’t have a strong connection with them. But THC and D8 THC are a lot bolder. They attach themselves nice and tight to these receptors causing a feeling of euphoria (also known as getting "high"). Though, it would appear that D8 THC’s slight difference in chemical structure makes it hard for it to bind to ECS receptors quite as tightly as D9 THC. So, while it does have a psychoactive effect, it isn’t on the same level as regular D9 THC.

Will it show up in a drug test?

This is an excellent question to ask. It's not hard to move from the idea that D8 is powerful in it's own way to the possibility that it won't be noticed on a drug test. But just because D8 THC interacts differently as D9 THC, it doesn't mean that it won't come up on a drug test. Drug tests are generally looking for THC as a general compound, not differentiating between the two. They don't really distinguish between slight differences in chemical structure. If it's close enough to D9 THC, which D8 THC is, it will show up on a drug test. Approach with caution when utilizing D8 THC whilst going through any required drug test.

Does it have any benefits?

Any cannabis enthusiast knows that THC isn’t just for a good time. There are some real potential health benefits associated with it. That's why medical marijuana is such a positive thing. So, it's not surprising that many people ask if D8 THC could have the same potential health benefits. Though it's hard to say whether or not D8 has all of the same potential benefits as regular THC, there have been some fascinating and promising studies focused solely on D8 THC.

Help with anxiety

There is some debate about this potential benefit. There are enough people who have had freak-outs while using THC that there is some skepticism about it or any variation being able to soothe anxiety. However, recent research would suggest otherwise. For example,  not sure where it says this in the link provided . Which is just a fancy way of saying that D8 THC could help reduce anxiety when taken in small doses.

Of course, it’s good to also consider the fact that D8 interacts with your system differently than D9 THC, as a result, is less likely to cause people to have the same kind of paranoia. This doesn't mean that you won't be paranoid while using D8 THC. After all, THC (D8, D9, and beyond) affects everyone differently. 

Help with pain and inflammation

This is a pretty common area of interest when it comes to most cannabinoids. Which is great! Seeing as cannabinoids don’t have the same addictive properties as opioids, they could make a great alternative. This study found that D8 THC was to improve behavior in rats that were dealing with chronic pain, likely suggesting that it helped reduce their pain. Of course, that’s just one study. All you need to do is search “D8 THC pain,” and a plethora of other studies will pop up, most of which will show that D8 THC could be incredibly helpful in dealing with pain.

If you’re new to D8 THC, or just THC in general, or Delta 8 CBD, we would recommend starting out with a small serving. No kidding around when we said that everyone reacts to it a bit differently, so we want you to ease in and enjoy. 

If you have any questions about our products or would like to reach out to our amazing team here at Dharma D8, give us a shout at support@dharmad8.com.



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