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HHC flower for sale

Dharma is proud to offer our original collection of HHC Flower.  Are you looking for alternative cannabis products?  Visit our complete selection of hemp flower for sale to discover what we offer.

HHC flower for sale online

What is HHC flower?

HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol, which the hydrogenated version of THC.  HHC is considered one of the legal THC products due to the hydrogenation process which converts it into a cannabinoid which isn't unlawful.  HHC-THC conversion happens due to the hydrogenation of THC in order to arrive at the HHC.  Hydrogenation is a process of adding hydrogen molecules to extend it's shelf life and change it's molecular structure a bit, without changing the effects much.  

The HHC cannabinoid high is likened to that of THC.  HHC effects are commonly related to that of THC due to both providing the user psychoactive experiences when in use.  Users have noticed that the "crash down effect" which commonly happens with the use of Delta-9 THC rarely, if ever, happens when using HHC resulting in a more enjoyable high.

The HHC cannabinoid is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in industrial hemp and is not federally regulated, which makes HHC hemp flower legal nationwide.